Month: June 2018

Big Sister – Gunnar Staalesen (translated by Don Bartlett) #BlogTour #VargVeum @orendabooks @annecater

Sitting at your desk you hear a strange sound from the other side of the door leading into your office. To your alarm a piece of folded paper is slowly pushed under it. You get up quickly and take the sheet of paper as… Continue Reading “Big Sister – Gunnar Staalesen (translated by Don Bartlett) #BlogTour #VargVeum @orendabooks @annecater”

Cuttin’ Heads – D.A. Watson @davewatsonbooks @rararesources #blogtour #cuttinheads

Inspiration just isn’t coming to you today. You sit there, the lyrics failing to materialise on your notebook. Closing your eyes, you let yourself fall into a trance-like state and then, as if from nowhere, the words fall from your fingers. Afterwards, rising from… Continue Reading “Cuttin’ Heads – D.A. Watson @davewatsonbooks @rararesources #blogtour #cuttinheads”

Cover Reveal – Gone To Ground @rachelamphlett

There are many things that I have never done in my 47 years upon this earth. I have never: Been to Mars. Wrestled a Great White Shark in a tub of jelly – lime flavour, since you asked. Completed a Legend Of Zelda game.… Continue Reading “Cover Reveal – Gone To Ground @rachelamphlett”

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