#Fahrenbruary Review: A Mint Condition Corpse (Kirby Baxter Book 1) – Duncan MacMaster @FuriousDShow @FahrenheitPress @F13Noir


MCD Cover


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, of course not, silly… it’s a blurb, with its undergarments on the outside and wearing a cape admittedly, but a blurb all the same:

Batman schmatman, there’s a new hero in town and he’s kinda dorky…

Kirby Baxter went to Omnicon for the cosplay, the comics and the collectibles. 

No-one was supposed to get murdered.

Get ready for a whole new kind of crime novel. The Dork Knights are rising and Kirby Baxter and his friends are putting the nerd firmly into noir. 

Its all fun and costume changes at OmniCon until schlock horror superstar Erica Glass turns up dead. Fresh from a mysterious adventure in Lichtenstein Kirby Baxter soon finds himself up to his geeky neck in a deadly murder mystery.

Kirby must deploy his unique skills of deduction and detection before the body count rises and ruins OmniCon for everyone.


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#Fahrenbruary Poetry Corner: ‘Electric Sex Syrup 5am Outside A Strip Club In Manhattan’ and ‘Trigger Mouth Blues’ – two poems by Saira Viola. @sairaviola @F13Noir @Fahrenheit Press



Good day to you all and welcome to Day 22 of #Fahrenbruary. Today is a special day as once again I present to you two posts from Saira Viola – the ‘Punk Princess Od Noir’ – author of ‘Jukebox‘ and ‘Crack Apple & Pop‘, both published by Fahrenheit 13 (click on the titles for my reviews).

Saira is not only an author, but also a renowned poet and she has kindly allowed me to reproduce two here on my beardy blog.

As with her longer fiction, Saira pulls no punches, casting her cutting glare across the social, sexual, cultural and political landscapes of our society.

Follow Saira via Twitter (@siaraviola) or check out her website at http://sairaviola.com/


Enjoy. TBBB X

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#Fahrenbruary Q&A: Saira Viola (author of Jukebox and Crack, Apple & Pop). @sairaviola @F13Noir @FahrenheitPress


It’s Day 22 of #Fahrenbruary. How did that happen? This month long celebration of all things Fahrenheit Press and Fahrenheit 13 thunders on and today I bring you a Q&A with the ‘Punk Princess Of Noir’ herself Saira Viola.

Saira is a poet, song lyricist, playwright and novelist who’s first two books “Jukebox” and “Crack Apple & Pop” are published by Fahrenheit 13. You can find my reviews of each down there:



Both books are fast paced, gritty, dark and blackly humorous slices of noir that feature a vast and eclectic mix of characters set in the underworld of London. They are both excellent and well worth checking out.

Saira is currently beavering away on her third novel set in LA.

So, on to the Q&A.

Enjoy TBBB. X

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#Fahrenbruary Short Story: ‘Circling The Drain’ by Saira Viola. @sairaviola @F13Noir @FahrenheitPress


Hello once again.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you all Part Two of Day 21 of #Fahrenbruary and our second short story from Saira Viola: Circling The Drain.

It is of course entirely possible that you missed Part One of Day 21, and if that is indeed the case, please have a look at what you missed via this handy link here:

#Fahrenbruary Short Story: ‘Horizontal Vertical’ by Saira Viola. @sairaviola @F13Noir @FahrenheitPress

All caught up? Splendid stuff 😃

CTD: Circling The Drain is yet another hard hitting story from the ‘Punk Princess of Noir’. Saira doesn’t pull her punches in her fiction, and CTD is no exception. Dutchie and Ich are two young homeless people trying to eke out a miserable existence on the streets of London: She a part-time flower arranger and coke addict, he a petty thief peddling his wares to whomever will buy them. An opportunity comes their way via a shifty guy named ‘Zipmouth’, but is this opportunity too good to be true?

Well, coming from a guy called ‘Zipmouth’, I would say it’s highly likely, wouldn’t you? 😅

CTD is also a barbed commentary on the plight of the homeless in our cities and pulls back the veil on a particularly nasty and repellent, but sadly very real, underground racket.

Coming up for Day 22 of Fahrenbruary I present a Q&A from Saira and two short poems.

See you then.

Enjoy. TBBB X

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#Fahrenbruary Short Story: ‘Horizontal Vertical’ by Saira Viola. @sairaviola @F13Noir @FahrenheitPress




Goodness to gracious me, is it Day 21 of #Fahrenbruary already? How can that possibly be? It seems like only yesterday that I was sat at me desk in my comfy pants writing my first post and getting all excited for the month to come. Now look at us – only 7 days to go.

That’s nuts that is.

So what have I got for you today then, I hear you ask? Well…

Today I bring you TWO short stories from the ‘Punk Princess of Noir’ herself, Saira Viola.

First up is Horizontal Vertical.

This short story pulls no punches. It’s a hard-hitting, fast, sexy and dark tale: Kiki is a woman forced to work four jobs and turn tricks to keep herself afloat in a seedy world. Her life is a downward spiral of drugs, booze and sex. She’s had enough, but is she willing to commit murder to get herself out?

Saira is also the author of two brilliant books published by Fahrenheit 13: Jukebox and Crack Apple & Pop. You can read my reviews of each by clicking those little linky-poos below…

#Fahrenbruary Review: Jukebox – Saira Viola @sairaviola @F13Noir @fahrenheitpress

#Fahrenbruary Review Repost: Crack Apple & Pop – Saira Viola @sairaviola @f13noir @fahrenheitpress

Tomorrow I bring you further 2-4-1 treats in the form of a Q&A and two new poems.

Wowsers Trousers, it don’t get much better than this, FahrenFans 😍

So pour yourself a coffee, or tea – mix a smoothie if you prefer, I don’t mind – pull up a chair, settle down and enjoy the first of todays posts from Saira. The second story, Circling The Drain will be up later today.

Enjoy. TBBB X


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#Fahrenbruary Review: Jukebox – Saira Viola @sairaviola @F13Noir @fahrenheitpress

Hello you yummy scrummy people and welcome to my beardy blog for what is Day 20 of #Fahrenbruary. If this is your very first visit to my blog, and you are unaware of what the aforementioned #Fahrenbruary is, then here is a very handy link to help clarify a few things:

Fahrenbruary? What’s that all about then? #Fahrenbruary @FahrenheitPress @F13Noir

Wasn’t that splendid? It really is a marvellous post, so if you skipped it and figured you’d come back to it later, may I suggest that you make a note on scrap of paper so you don’t forget. You really will kick yourself if you do.

So, I’m going to take an educated guess that you are here to read my brand new, never seen before, review of Saira Viola’s debut novel ‘Jukebox‘?

What’s that? You were looking for recipe suggestions for cooking a duck? How the hell did you end up here then? Well, seeing as you are here, I suggest that you just stuff it and stick it in the oven. It’s just a bird after all – like a floating chicken – how hard can it be? I reckon, 180°C/Gas Mark 4, for about 90 mins or so? Maybe cover it in foil and remove for the last 30 mins? Poke a skewer into the leg to check it’s cooked thoroughly; juices clear and all that. I have no idea if all of that’ll work, but I’m sure I saw it on TV somewhere.

Whilst you’re waiting for your duck to cook you may as well stay and read my review. It’ll pass the time and you may discover your new favourite author.

You will? Oh, I am pleased. *happy face*

As this is Fahrenbruary, Saira has also kindly provided us all with an audio extract of herself reading from Jukebox. I know right, how exciting is that, eh? You can find that at the end of the review.

So, without further ado, lets have us some blurb:

“Nick Stringer is a rookie lawyer but what he really wants is to run his own record label. His dream seems one step closer when old family friend and businessman Mel Greenberg offers to bankroll him.

Avery Cross is a junior reporter desperately searching for the story that’s going to make her name. Avery thinks there’s more to Mel Greenberg than meets the eye and that uncovering the truth about him might just be her ticket to the big time.

Nick, Mel and Avery’s lives converge against the backdrop of London’s underworld where glamour, crime & greed party side by side. It doesn’t take long before Nick begins to realise that if an offer looks too good to be true it probably is. 

In a city rocked by corruption and excess, one of them is going to learn that sometimes in life you get more than you bargained for.

Jukebox is Saira Viola’s brilliant full-length debut novel.”


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#Fahrenbruary Review Repost: Crack Apple & Pop – Saira Viola @sairaviola @f13noir @fahrenheitpress

A multitude of salutations to you all on this the 19th Day of #Fahrenbruary  😍

If you have been following along with this month long celebration of all things Fahrenheit Press and Fahrenheit 13, you will have been privy to many different authors and their works and today I highlight yet another: Saira Viola.

Saira has been described as the “Punk Rock Princess of Noir” by no less than Fahrenheit themselves on her Twitter bio, and they ain’t wrong. Saira has released two novels through Fahrenheit 13: Jukebox and Crack, Apple & Pop. Both of these are punchy, no nonsense, hard hitting tales of crime, corruption, greed, extortion and murder on the streets of London. They are fast paced and are populated with wild, crazy and incredibly colourful characters that linger on in your memory long after you’ve closed the book. Saira also writes in a style that is pretty well unique to her; her prose dances across the page reading like poetry in parts, whilst in others is barely allows you to pause for breath.

Today I present to you a repost of my review of her second book, Crack, Apple & Pop. This review previously appeared on the CA&P blog tour organised by the brilliant Emma Welton of Damppebbles Blog Tours (you can find Emma on Twitter and on her blog damppebbles.com – just click away 😊).

Why am I reposting a review of her second book first? Simple really – because at time of writing I haven’t finished the review of Jukebox 😉 But fear not for that will appear on Day 20. Hurrah!

But that won’t be all from Saira, oh no! On Day 21 I shall be presenting not one, but two, short stories by Saira (Horizontal Vertical and CTD: Circling The Drain) plus an exclusive audio clip of Saira reading from one of them, and then, as if that wasn’t enough, on Day 22 I present to you my Q&A with Saira PLUS – I know, keep up at the back there – two short poems, too. Ooof, that’s a lot of Viola Love right there. But, you know what? She deserves it, and I hope that you will think so too. 😁

Okay, enough of the prittle prattle, let’s get on with the show.

Enjoy. TBBB X


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